Lets Keep Leyburn Tidy!

Following on from the 2016 campaign,
you are invited to join
Leyburn Town Councillors
at 10.00am
meeting near the market shelter
Saturday 4th March, 2017
litter pick around the town
from10.00am – Noon
Litter in some parts of Leyburn has become a problem,
so we are asking residents, businesses, clubs, schools,
churches and uniform groups
to rally round and get stuck in!
Equipment will be provided,
but you should bring your own rubber gloves.
If YOU have any suggestions
of areas that would benefit
from a litter pick
please let the Town Council
Office know
01969 622561


Town Plan, heard of it?

The Leyburn Town Plan, heard of it? We’re getting better at spreading the message, we can be found on the Leyburn Town Council website, and we have our own Facebook page, but we can do even better, if you want to help!

So, why would you? I can only tell you why I got involved. If you think, yes, that sounds like me, then perhaps you might want to get involved too, or at least put the message out there to everyone you know.

You might have lived here all your life, young or old, or you might only have moved here recently. But in either case this is the place you want to put down roots. And if you want to do that, you want your town to be the best it can be. Often it’s not easy to find the time to make that happen, with our busy lives, full of family and work commitments.

But now the Town Plan gives all of us a chance to have our say. Some of you have already turned up to the Planning for Real event before Christmas. By the end of each session, flip charts were full of comments about your likes and dislikes, and your ideas for changes, and the street map of the town was covered with little flags showing where you would like to see improvements made. Over the next few weeks the Town Plan team will be putting together a survey which will be winging its way towards you in the spring so everyone can still have their say about the future of the town.

So, why did I get involved? Well, I’m a member of the Patient Participation Group at the medical practice, and we all agreed we wanted to have a say in the decisions that affect the future of the town. I turned up to the first meeting and stuck my hand up when volunteers were called for.

But it was more than that. This a place I have known all my life, where I have lived for nearly 30 years, where we have brought up our family, where we have made friends, the town around which our lives are based.

I travel quite a lot for my work. At the end of a week away, when my car comes to a stop at the traffic lights on Spennithorne railway bridge, and I can see Pen Hill looming ahead of me in the distance, I relax, I know that I am home again, back to the place where I want to be.

It is the place I want to be for all sorts of reasons. It is in a beautiful place. It is small and friendly. It is lively and bustling. And I want it to be all those things for the future, for my children’s and grand-children’s generation. And we can act to make sure that it carries on being all those things.

So, if all this strikes a chord, put out the message to your friends, get in touch through our Facebook page, send us an email … and make sure you fill in that survey when it comes to your door!

Nigel Watson