Leyburn Town Plan Update

We had a great response to our surveys and we are now starting to work through all the information and views you gave us. There is a lot of data to get through and we will be identifying the areas people felt most strongly about, which will help us to put together an initial list of what we can do about them.

Look out for notification of an event we will be holding at Thornborough Hall where you can help us choose what you think matters most to you. We will then be able to list your choices in order of importance and these will form the heart of the Plan, which we hope to publish in the summer.

Here is a taster of some answers we have received to the question, What Do You Like About Living In Leyburn?

“An attractive market town in a glorious location with good shops and friendly people. The small scale of the town allows you to get to know people but it is still large enough to support businesses”

“It’s a friendly place”

“There are plenty of shops and my friends live there”

Thank you, everyone, for taking time to participate in our Town Plan Survey. Do keep in touch through our Facebook page!

Leyburn Town Plan Steering Group